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What Are The Dangers if My Pregnant Mare Eats Fescue?

The danger isn't in eating the fescue itself. The danger is in eating endophytic fungus infected fescue. If your mare does eat endophytic fungus infected fescue she may contract fescue toxicosis. If your mare does become exposed the following pregnancy complications may occur.

  • The mare's pregnancy may be prolonged, causing her to deliver a larger than normal foal increasing the risk of problems during birth.
  • Milk production can be effected to the point the mare produces little or no milk.
  • The placenta may become thick or tough causing the mare to have problems expelling the placenta.
  • A foal that does not develop properly in utero, resulting in conformation or functional abnormalities.
  • The death of the mare and/or foal during birth.
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