Patient Wins Congress 10 Days After Treatment for Back Pain

Ten days before heading to the Color Breed Congress in Tulsa Okalahoma my daughter, Bridget, went to work her horse, Chrissy, and we were devastated. There was something clearly wrong with the mare. She was not moving out like the great mover we know her to be. My daughter immediatly quit riding. From the way she was moving I thought it must be a leg or foot problem and our trip to Congress would be over before it began.

I immediately called Mid-Rivers Equine Centre and they were there in no time. After a lameness exam Dr. Ellis determined that it was not her legs or feet giving her problems but her back. The muscles in her back had spasmed and tighten up like knots. This was causing her a great deal of pain making her unwilling and unable to move out. I thought to myself, "Clearly she's not going to be showing anytime soon.”, but I was wrong.

Mid Rivers treated her back using Mesotheraphy. All things considered it was a relatively quick and inexpensive treatment with results better than expected. Within 7 days Chrissy was back to about 90-95% of her beautifully-moving self.

Bridget and Chrissy went to Congress just 10 days after her treatment and became Congress Champions in Novice Youth Equitation, and took Top 5 in Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle, and Top 10 in Youth Ideal English Pinto.

Thank you Mid Rivers for making this possible!

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