Dr. Hartman Saves Foal's Lip

Ten months ago, when Hayley was a foal, she had a horrific accident. She nearly ripped off her lower lip. You may remember the initial traumatic pictures we posted to our Facebook page. The photos were shocking.

Dr. Richard Hartman was her surgeon. Hayley’s injury required Dr. Hartman to perform two surgeries; the first made the initial repair and the second was to remove tissue that became necrotic. We were hopeful that she would make a full recovery. After the two surgeries and months of healing she has full use of her lower lip! She can graze, and grooms like the rest of the herd.

Not only does Hayley have full use of her lower lip, but aesthetically her injury is almost undetectable. She has a small scar on the right side of her mouth. Other than that, you would probably never know.

Check out Hayley’s album in our photo gallery. WARNING: Some of the photos are gruesome.

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