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X-Rays: Why We Choose Digital

Mid-Rivers Equine Centre has always worked to bring the latest improvements in medical technology to the equine hospital to advance the health and wellbeing of our patients. One such piece of technology is DR Digital X-rays.

There are several advantages to Digital x-rays, the most important being the level of detail that they provide compared with conventional x-rays. An x-ray with advanced detailing allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Our x-ray machines are portable, making them optimal for taking x-rays on farm calls. Because the images are displayed immediately on a screen, we know instantaneously if we've got a reliable x-ray. This eliminates the need for the veterinarian to return to the hospital for developing, only to find that the positioning or exposure wasn't optimal, requiring a second farm call.

Unlike film x-rays, digital x-rays do not deteriorate over time. Digital x-rays are easy to share and offer a quality and detail that can accompany a horse's health history throughout its lifetime. Because they are electronic, the x-rays can also be put through an enhancement process for better detailing and don't suffer from under or over exposure.

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