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Things To Know When Traveling With Horses

When you are traveling with horses, whether it is to a distant state or just across town, you will need to do some advanced planning. In Missouri, it is your legal responsibility to have a current coggins test and if you are crossing state lines you will also need to have a health certificate. Coggins tests are testing for exposure to the disease Equine Infectious Anemia. This is a federal test that normally takes about a week to obtain. A health certificate is a testimony by your veterinarian that your horse is healthy and able to participate in public events, including transport on state and federal highways.

When traveling with your horse, it is important that you carefully examine the trailer in which your horse will be riding. Make sure there is enough room (width and height) for your horse. Make sure it is well-ventilated and clean. The floorboards should be carefully inspected to make sure they are not worn or rotted. Care should be taken to make certain the trailer is properly secured to the vehicle towing it. Lights should be in proper working order. When trailering the horse, leg wraps can help ensure protection from wounds and may provide some support to the legs over long hauls.

Finally, if you will be traveling, our doctors strongly recommend that you have a first aid kit available. If you have needed supplies, over the phone we can often help you manage an injury, begin needed medications and guide you to the nearest qualified equine veterinarian for assistance. Keep our number, 1-800-828-4517, handy as we are available to help even if you are out of town.

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