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Supplement Supporting Equine Gut Health

There are many companies today that are working to develop supplements to support equine gut health. One such company, Arenus, a Novus International Business is a local company that develops animal supplements. Arenus has created a daily supplement featuring Gastro Stabilizing Technology (GST). ASSURE GST contains a combination of probiotice, prebiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and Psyllium designed to support gut health. In a newsletter published by Arenus in October, 2011 Ken Kopp, DVM, an Arenus Technical Service Veterinarian stated: "If even some aspects of communication between GI endothelial cells and gut bacteria are established, it may also be possible to treat many seeming unrelated immune system problems—notably allergic reactions and sensitivities of many types—by treating the bacteria of the horse's hind gut through dietary modification and probiotic use."

We now understand that by keeping the gut, which includes the intestinal tract, healthy we have can possibly reduce the risk of allergic food reactions, and severe allergic reactions.

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