Dr. Burny Baxter

Dr. Burny Baxter

Dr. Burny Baxter is one of the two founding members of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre. Dr. Baxter received his (DVM) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. After completing an externship with Equine Medical Associates of St. Louis he accepted a position as an associate veterinary with the practice. In 1985, while working as an associate veterinary, Dr. Baxter met Dr. Ellis who had begun his externship with the practice.

By 1987, Dr. Baxter had teamed up with Dr. Ellis and Gay Ellis to open the doors of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre. Together they went from humble beginnings working out of the Ellis’ home, to today’s state-of-the-art equine hospital and surgery center.

Dr. Baxter is known near and far for his expertise in lameness. Dr. Baxter spends a great deal of his time diagnosing and treating such cases. He excels in sport horse medicine and stays in the forefront of regenerative medicine (IRAP, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy).

Dr. Baxter will tell you, when asked, that "I always planned on becoming a vet, ever since I can remember." He was raised on a working cattle feed lot and rode the pens regularly. He originally thought he would stay on the family farm. However, he stayed in St. Louis to pursue an equine career. And it was his brother, Brett who continues to this day on the family cattle feed lot.

Dr. Baxter seldom is on a horse but that doesn't stop him (or his wife) from having "a few" in their barn. Including 7 canine and 4 feline. Dr. Baxter does find time to enjoy his wife Terrilee and daughter Isabella in their respective show circuits, APHA and Hunter Jumpers.

Burny, as he prefers to be called, has a daughter Ashley, who resides in Higginsville, MO with her family. Cody, and two sons, Brody and Rowdy. Yes, he is a grandpa! His son Brandon recently moved to Florida and builds grain bins with his traveling crew.

Second to his equine passion, is his love of the water, were he can relax and unwind on his boat, Anonymous. Or you can sometimes find him down hill skiing at any given black diamond or mogul slope!

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