Dr. Richard Hartman

Dr. Richard Hartman

Dr. Richard Hartman comes to Mid-Rivers from Purdue University, where he completed a three-year surgical residency. Prior to this experience, Dr. Hartman completed a one-year internship at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State University.

With a medical focus in surgery and lameness, Dr. Hartman has explained that he is innately drawn to surgery by “the instant gratification from fixing what is broken.” Recognizing the root cause of lameness and returning a horse to a close to pre-injury state is the driving force behind his ambitious medical appetite.

Dr. Hartman is fascinated by the impressiveness of the equine athlete, particularly racehorses. Like all athletes, horses are prone to injury, and lameness is the number one reason for diminished performance and quality of life. Sleuthing out the cause of lameness and correcting problems may not be as quick of a fix as surgery, but it is just as rewarding.

Hard work and long hours are no strangers to Dr. Hartman. His ability to thrive in a fast paced and ever-changing environment makes him the perfect fit for an equine hospital—his personal record of participating in 17 surgeries in a single day is proof.

Excellence in education is a core value at Mid-Rivers and Dr. Hartman’s addition strengthens this position. Dr. Hartman believes that being an effective physician demands educating and updating his skills constantly. His passion and progressive nature drive him to practice and excel at equine medicine.

In addition to being an excellent equine physician, Dr. Hartman is an avid hunter, fisher, and a St. Louis native. If you’re asking the classic St. Louis question, “Where did he go to high school?” the answer is Chaminade.

He is thrilled to return to St. Louis with his wife, Jaimee, and two daughters Olivia and Rosa. Along with his wife and two daughters is the family dog Chaos and Ra (his wife’s cat, which he is quick to point out). Notably there are no horses in the crew but Jaimee has always wanted to ride, Dr. Hartman would like to try mounted shooting, and Olivia is often described as “horse crazy.” We are sure it won’t be long before that very special first horse joins the family.

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