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Super huge CONGRATULATIONS to Donna Gottman and Heza' Awesome Dancer (Danny).

In 2013, Danny was the MHSA high point and high percentage winner at 3rd level dressage, and is the AQHA national high point champion open 4th level dressage winner.

His accomplishment will be celebrated in New Orleans, March 8.

Danny is a 16.0 American Quarter Horse bay gelding born in 2000. He came to live with Donna, via way of Chattanooga TN, in July of 2011.

Donna Gottman, has been riding him for almost 2 years. He is trained and shown by Marketa Matthews, proprietor of Quarter Line Dressage. Marketa is a Czech Republic native, who has been riding horses more than 30 years.

We couldn’t be happier for you Donna and thank you for the kind words about Mid-Rivers Equine Centre.

“We are grateful to the staff and doctors at Mid Rivers Equine who care for Danny, and maintain him so he is suited for the demands of his discipline.” Donna Gottman.

February 27, 2014

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