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Happy Helmet Awareness Day From Dr. Anna Herath and Peanut

As a young girl, Dr. Herath spent many a day jumping. Like most riders, she has ended up in the dirt on occasion. Today, she and her jumper, Hamlet, spend more time out on the trails than over fences, but Dr. Herath still understands the importance of wearing a certified riding helmet. She wears one on every ride and encourages you to "Ride Smart" on International Helmet Awareness Day, July 12th, and every day in between.

Riders4Helmets has team up once again with helmet manufacturers to offer discounts July 12th on the purchase of a new riding helmet. Participating manufacturers include: Antares-Sellier, Champion, Charles Owen, Devon Aire, Gatehouse, GPA, International Riding Helmets, KEP Italia, LAS Helmets, One K, Ovation, Smashield, Tipperary, Troxel, and Uvex. More than 230 retailers in 5 countries are participating.

Visit Riders4Helmets.com to locate a participating retailer near you.

While July 12th is a great day to get discounts on helmets, Riders4Helmet's other mission is education. On July 12th they will be streaming live webinars. Presenters will be experts in the fields of: traumatic brain injury, neuropsycology, helmet testing agencies, professional riders and more. The webinar will be interactive and will allow for questions from on-line participants.

Riders4Helmets was started in 2010 by Lyndsey White after her good friend Courtney King-Dye suffered a serious head injury from a fall without a helmet. She remained in a coma for a month and to this day is still undergoing rehabilitation.


July 12, 2014

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