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Mid-Rivers Under EHV-1 Quarantine

As of Thursday, March 19th, Mid-Rivers Equine Centre has implemented a self-imposed quarantine on our hospital facility. This quarantine will be in place for at least the next twenty-one days. This event was prompted late last week after we had two horses (from two separate locations) present with neurologic signs and who tested positive for EHV-1. As a precaution, we have rescheduled all office visits as an extension of the hospital quarantine. More information will be posted in the days to come. This specific viral infection is NOT the same strain as the virus responsible for the large outbreaks, such as the one in cutting horses in Ogden, Utah in 2011. The strain affecting our horses often causes respiratory disease and abortions, but it can cause neurologic disease in some horses that develop a heavy viral load. Therefore, it is a great concern to all of us. We have become aware of a significant number of confirmed EHV-1 cases in Missouri, and we encourage everyone to be vigilant. Continue to protect your horses with twice yearly rhino-flu vaccinations. While these vaccines may not specifically prevent neurologic disease, they do seem to reduce shedding of the virus. As mentioned before, over the next few days we will be posting more information as we take the opportunity to highlight the essential nature of preventive care.

As a matter of protocol, all patients currently hospitalized will be staying with us until the quarantine is lifted with designated staff to handle their care and treatments. Please note that while we are not receiving any patients at the clinic, we will continue to provide 24/7 ambulatory and emergency care for horses on the farm. If your horse should require hospitalization during this quarantine period, rest assured we will work together to find the best facility for your horse's referral.

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March 24, 2015

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