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Quarantine OVER- Hospital Doors Open April 18th

As of Thursday, April 16, we have completed a 28-day quarantine. There have been no additional fevers noted in 23 days. A second series of testing has been completed on all hospitalized horses, which are all negative for viral shedding and therefore no longer contagious. Hospitalized horses involved in the quarantine are now being discharged. The hospital, barn, outbuildings, and clinic have undergone a thorough disinfection process, and we will resume normal hospital activity on Saturday, April 18.

Our practice is sincerely grateful to the entire equine community for all the support we have received throughout this quarantine period. We understand the inconvenience for patients that required referrals during this period, but again we felt it imperative to take every precaution in preventing the spread of EHV-1 beyond those horses initially exposed.
April 17, 2015

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