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COLIC...Is My Horse A Candidate for Surgery?

A horse may be on the path to colic surgery if it:

1. Has an Elevated Heart Rate
2. Has an Increased Respiration Rate
3. May or May Not Have an Elevated Temperature
4. Has Discolored Gums: Blue or Bright Red
5. Doesn't Respond To: Banamine, Tubing, Manual Rectal Evacuation, or Other Treatments
6. Has No Gut Sounds

There are many different types, and severities, of colic. Colic refers to any sort of abdominal pain. Surgery is always a last resort and not all cases are good candidates for surgery, regardless of severity. Statistically, only about 10% of colics result in surgical treatment. So breathe easier knowing there are many treatment options, depending on the cause.

December 06, 2016

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