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The Wild Horses of Australia and New Zealand

Many people have embraced the idea that natural is good for horses—natural horsemanship, natural hoof care, and natural boarding have led the way. The greatest advances have come from insights gained through observations of free roaming wild horses. Now Liberated Horsemanship is bringing the foremost authority on wild horse behavior and habitat, Brian Hampson, to the US. Brian is a post-graduate PhD scholar, lead field researcher, and co-founder, with Dr. Chris Pollitt PhD, of the Australian Brumby Research Unit, School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Queensland. Brian will give a four hour presentation on his insights gained through detailed studies of the feral horses of Australia and New Zealand.

This exclusive U.S. engagement will be held outside of St. Louis, Missouri at
The National Equestrian Cente r
October 17, 2009
Starting at 2 PM with a social gathering to follow.

Excerpt from Liberated Horsemanship website: http://www.liberatedhorsemanship.com/
September 21, 2009

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