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Saving Money on Your Next Vet Visits

Mid-Rivers Equine Centre realizes that the cost of horse ownership and heath care is on the rise and we want to make a difference where we can. With a little planning, you can save money on your next vet appointment at Mid-Rivers Equine Centre. Here are some helpful tips:

No Cost Office Charge on Saturdays: If you need to schedule a routine appointment for vaccinations, teeth floating, Coggins testing, etc., consider making your appointment for a Saturday. As long as you pay your bill upon checkout, we will waive the office charge. That’s right, if you pay your bill before you leave the office, the charge is zero!

Bring A Full Trailer: If you can’t make your appointment on a Saturday and take advantage of the zero office charge, consider pooling appointments. Office charges are per client visit, not per number of horses. This means whether we see one of your horses or four (within the same office visit) the office charge is the same. By bringing four horses, verses one horse at a time, you can realize a nearly $60 savings.

Split the Farm Call: If you are boarding your horse and need an appointment, ask around or post a note to see if anyone else is in need of an appointment. If two or three owners have appointments together Mid-Rivers will split the farm call charge amongst all of the appointments. If three owners are splitting a farm call charge you each reduce your portion of that cost by 66%.

Call In The Dogs: Yes, we specialize in equine health care but if we are coming out on a farm call and your cats and dogs are due for their rabies shots we will be happy to vaccinate them. You will just need to let us know when making your appointment. And, while we don’t make special appointments to vaccinate cats and dogs, we are happy to provide this service as a convenience.

At Mid-Rivers, we work hard to provide you with the best possible advancements in equine health care while understanding the practical side of cost. We want to continue providing clients with cost saving opportunities, giving you be best value for your dollar. If you have any questions regarding these saving opportunities, please contact the office and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

December 07, 2012

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