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Potomac Horse Fever Cases at the Clinic

We want to let you all know that the clinic is seeing a larger than usual number of cases of Potomac Horse Fever at the clinic and it is potentially life threatening.

Potomac Horse Fever spreads through the ingestion of aquatic insects such as Caddis flies and Mayflies.

Symptoms of Potomac Horse Fever include a high fever and diarrhea. Horses may also present signs of depression and of mild colic. It can also cause abortion in pregnant mares. Complications include acute laminitis resulting in founder.

A vaccine is available for Potomac Horse Fever; however, it does not cover all strains. If a horse has never been vaccinated for Potomac Horse Fever a booster will be required three weeks after the initial vaccination for maximum protection.

To protect your horses from ingesting infected insects, make sure your food and water sources are not under lights. The insects are attracted to the light and inadvertently fall into the water or hay allowing ingestion to occur. It is also best to keep lights turned off at night as much as possible.

If you suspect your horse is showing clinical signs of Potomac Horse Fever, please contact your veterinarian immediately, or you can contact the clinic at 636.332.5373.

July 29, 2014

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