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Equine Exercise Endoscope Now Available At Mid-Rivers

Mid-Rivers Equine Centre has expanded their endoscopic capabilities with the recent acquisition of a dynamic equine exercise endoscope. Traditional endoscopes are used to diagnose airway dysfunction while a horse is at rest. This new equipment, however, allows us to view a horse’s larynx and epiglottis at rest as well as during exercise. This is greatly beneficial, as some airway problems may appear or worsen during exercise. The dynamic exercise endoscope provides doctors at Mid-Rivers Equine Centre with a better understanding of an individual horse’s airway dysfunction and can help develop an effective treatment plan.

The dynamic exercise scope is self-contained in a harness that is slipped over the horse’s head. It is easily adjustable to fit nearly any size horse. The scope is easy to use, lightweight, and best of all…mobile.

This mobility offers several benefits to both the veterinarian and horse owner alike. First of all, the mobile endoscope eliminates the time and expense associated with using a treadmill to scope a horse during exercise. A treadmill requires the horse be trained to use it. Training a horse to use a treadmill is a time consuming task and generally requires a short stay at a hospital. The mobile exercise endoscope makes this time consuming and costly hospital stay unnecessary.

Secondly, a dynamic endoscopic evaluation does not have to be performed at the hospital. The exercise endoscope is a self-contained unit fitted to a harness. The unit contains the battery, video screen, and digital video recorded with an SD card. A screen attached to the right side of the harness is easily viewed while the horse is at rest. To view the airway during exercise, the SD card is simply removed from the recording device and inserted into an onsite laptop for immediate viewing.

Mid-Rivers is excited to bring this technology and increased level of care to horses and their owners. If you would like more information about the exercise scope or would like to know if your horse is a good candidate please contact the clinic at 636.332.5373

August 13, 2013

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