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Gateway Pony Club Visits With Dr. Hoover

Recently the Gateway Pony Club paid a visit to the hospital. During their visit, Dr. Hoover walked them through the horse's digestive system from head to tail, literally. The group then followed the food through the horse's body, learning about complications such as choke and colic which require medical treatment.

Throughout the presentation, the girls were shown specimens. The stomach lining with bots (worms) attached received a resounding “yuck” from the pre-teen girls, while the giant enteroliths (a mineral concretion or calculus formed in the gastrointestinal system) and the 3D intestinal rotating model received “aahhhs”. The girls were so excited about the 10 pound enterolith that they each had to have their photo taken with it.

The visit ended with a tour of the hospital. The club peeked in on the surgery center and stood in the padded recovery room. They visited patients in the hospital, explored the examination rooms, and learned about digital x-rays. Giggles broke out as they found the floor scale. The girls including the adults piled on the floor scale to reveal the group’s weight. They all jumped off collectively so as not to reveal any individual’s weight.

Mid-Rivers Equine Centre is dedicated to educating horse owners and mentoring the individuals interested in equine medicine. If you have a group that is interested in touring the clinic we would be happy to have you. Simply contact the front office for scheduling.

September 17, 2014

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