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Owners able to "bank" umbilical stem cells from foals
Horse owners can now collect umbilical cord tissue immediately after a foal is born and save it as a future source of therapeutic stem cells through a California-based university laboratory.The Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at the University of Califor...
March 11, 2011
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Researchers derive stem cells from horses, hope to enable new treatment By: The Canadian Press
By: The Canadian PressPosted: 02/28/2011 5:08 PMMONTREAL - A Canadian-led research team has derived transformative stem cells from a horse, which they hope will help speed healing of injured animals and provide a model for better understanding and possibl...
March 01, 2011
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Two Mo. Horses Put Down After Getting Insect-Borne Disease: Infectious Anemia
BOWLING GREEN, Mo. (AP) - Agriculture officials are keeping a close eye on horse populations in northeast Missouri after two horses tested positive earlier this month for a contagious, viral disease known as equine infectious anemia.The Missouri Departme...
January 27, 2011
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Horse rabies case reported in Crosby County
The Texas Department of State Health Services reported Crosby County had its first documented rabies case in 47 years in a horse.Posted: December 11, 2010 - 12:17amBy ALYSSA DIZONAVALANCHE-JOURNALThe Texas Department of State Health Services reported Cros...
December 13, 2010
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You Know You're a Horseperson if You...
Horse people see the world differently than everyone else, and you know you're a horse person if you do these things.You know you're a horseperson if you...Believe in the 11th Commandment: Inside leg to outside rein.Know that all topical medications come ...
December 06, 2010
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