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Mid-Rivers' Mobile Clinic Visits Illinois Horse Fair
Mid-Rivers Equine Centre attended the 2014 Illinois Horse Fair from March 7th-9th with our mobile clinic.
April 01, 2014
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Foaling and the 1-2-3 Rule with Dr. Mrad
The first three hours of your foal’s life are crucial to its success, and timing is everything. Dr. Mrad at Mid-Rivers Equine Centre encourage you to be familiar with the 1-2-3 Rule of foaling.
March 29, 2014
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Confirming Influenza-A at The National Equestrian Center
Mid-Rivers Equine Centre is confirming several cases of the Influenza-A virus (NOT EHV-1) at the Hunter Jumper Show currently taking place at the National Equestrian Center in Lake Saint Louis Missouri.
March 27, 2014
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Super huge CONGRATULATIONS to Donna Gottman and Heza' Awesome Dancer (Danny).
His accomplishment will be celebrated in New Orleans, March 8.
February 27, 2014
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Disaster Response Planning For Horse Owners
Developing a disaster response plan to include horses requires additional thought and creativity. There are many things to consider: food, water, transportation, medical conditions, lodging, etc. You need to quickly and calmly assess a threat and implemen...
February 12, 2014
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