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Health Certificates

Health Certificates

A Health Certificate, and a current Coggins, is required by each state when you are traveling to, or through it with your horse. Health certificates are issued to a horse by a veterinarian. The Health Certificate states that at the time the veterinarian examined the horse, the horse was in good health and appeared free of infectious disease.

Usually, Health Certificates are good for 30 days after they are issued, but it is always good to check with a state's department of agriculture to get their requirements as some states differ. If you are traveling to a horse show, the show itself may have different requirements, so it is wise to call ahead.

If you would like to request a Health Certificate from Mid-Rivers Equine Centre you may do so by filling out the on-line Health Certificate Request form. A staff member will be in touch with you once it is received to schedule an exam.

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