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Mid-Rivers Equine Centre

Welcome to the Mid-Rivers Equine Centre. We are a full-service equine clinic caring for horses across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Our staff of highly trained and experienced veterinarians are here to care for your horse in all aspects of care. Whether it is a routine call to the farm for spring vaccinations and a check up, to a middle of the night emergency colic surgery your horse's wellness is our number one focus.

Well Care & Routine Vaccinations

Preventative medicine is the building block of a healthy horse. One of our top priorities is to ensure that healthy horses stay healthy by providing well care. This includes services such as vaccinations, wellness exams, teeth floating, fecal counts, and sheath cleaning. We provide routine equine veterinary care at the hospital, and on your farm.

Every horse's health history is unique, making it all the more important for veterinarians to have a close understanding of their patients. By caring for your horse when it is well we are better equipped to mange your horse's emergency, should a situation arise.

Regenerative & Sports Medicine

Mid-Rivers understand what it takes to keep a horse at peek performance. We continually bring new techniques to the clinic to improve healing for horses with sports injuries. We have the advanced diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose injuries and prescribe therapies such as stem cell therapy, PRP, IRAP, and Shock Wave.

Surgical Facility

Our equine hospital was built around the philosophy that horses shouldn't have to travel hours in a horse trailer to receive emergency and sometime lifesaving surgery. We continually train, and bring new surgical techniques to the clinic to provide our patients with the newest advancements in equine surgery. We strive to keep our hospital state-of-the-art and work closely with owners, trainers, and referring equine veterinarians to provide the best possible care for your horse.

Your horse's optimal health and well-being is our mission. By providing routine care, advanced surgical services and everything in between, Mid-Rivers exists for your horse in sickness, injury and in health.

Success Stories
Penny Back In Action
Penny and Kim White are a successful barrel racing team. Kim describes Penny as “strong willed,” but we think that’s code for “racing diva.” Known around the barn as Miss Penny, she is smart, powerful, and athletic and loves ...
Dr. Hartman Saves Foal's Lip
Ten months ago, when Hayley was a foal, she had a horrific accident. She nearly ripped off her lower lip. You may remember the initial traumatic pictures we posted to our Facebook page. The photos were shocking. Dr. Richard Hartman was her surgeon. Hayle...
Phoebe - The Little Engine That Could
Phoebe’s story begins early on the morning of Friday August 24, 2012. It was feeding time at the barn and Phoebe, who is known for eagerly awaiting breakfast, had not come up to the feeder. The barn manager noticed her standing in the middle of her padd
Kemo - A Horse With A Food Allergy To Oats
Kemo is a 30-year-old Paso Fino who has been under the loving care of Angel and Brian Lewis for the last 28 years. Over the past several years, Kemo has been suffering from a serious issue in both eyes. His owner, Angel Lewis, explained that “overni...
Orphan Foal Triumphs: Meet Bailey
Bailey’s journey began with Mid-Rivers when she was orphaned at 2 months of age. Surviving as an orphaned foal can be particularly challenging, but to make matters worse, a highly contagious virus was spreading at the barn next door.
Ole Pete Competes at 2011 Quater Horse Congress
You may think that showing is a young horse’s game but don’t tell that to Ole Pete.This quarter horse gelding is 15 years young and recently competed at the 2011 Quarter Horse Congress (in the Western Riding no less!).
Patient Wins Congress 10 Days After Treatment for Back Pain
Just 10 short days before Chrissy, our 3 yr old paint mare, was to compete at the 2010 Congress she had muscle spasms in her back which made her impossible to ride.