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Can I give my pregnant mare UlcerGard or GastroGard to treat an ulcer?

Yes, you can treat pregnant mares with confirmed cases of ulcers with GastroGard or UlcerGard. It is important to confirm that your pregnant mare has ulcers by having your vet perform an endoscopic exam prior to medicating. This will allow your veterinarian to put the best treatment plan in place.

These medications which are administered over 8 - 28 days can be costly. A 28 day supply can cost as much as $1000. Determining whether your horse has an ulcer, or the extent of the ulcer problem, by having your veterinarian perform an endoscopic exam costing just a few hundred dollars may very well save you time and money.

There are other alternatives to medication. You can try feeding a little alfalfa prior to graining. The alfalfa will work as an antacid. Allowing your horse to continually eat hay can also help reduce acid buildup and irritation.

Safety Notes:

  • Studies have not been completed to determine safety of UlcerGard or GastroGard in pregnant or lactating mares.
  • Ulcer medications should only be used in horses over 600 pounds.
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