Dr. Timothy Ellis

Dr. Timothy Ellis

Dr. Timothy Ellis is one of the founders of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre. Dr. Ellis, Gay Ellis and Dr. Burny Baxter opened Mid-Rivers Equine Centre in 1987. Dr. Ellis became committed to opening an equine hospital when he recognized a need for emergency equine care in the local horse community; prior to the opening of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre, horses in need of emergency medical attention including colic surgery, had to travel more than two hours to receive treatment.

Dr. Ellis earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. Interestingly enough, Dr. Ellis originally went to school with the intention of specializing in dairy, but his equine rotation in college along with the influence of an outstanding professor got him passionate about equine medicine. This passion is evident in his statement, “Horses are a disease that we wish not to be cured”.

After graduation, Dr. Ellis and wife Gay (both Iowa natives) made their way to Missouri where Dr. Ellis accepted an associate’s position with Equine Medical Associates of St. Louis. It is here that Dr. Ellis met Dr. Burny Baxter. In 1987 Dr. Ellis, Dr. Baxter and Gay Ellis ventured out on their own to establish Mid-Rivers Equine Centre, a now state-of-the-art equine hospital and surgery center.

Dr. Ellis firmly believes in order for the horse community to be strong and vibrant, the industry has to work together. To this end, Dr. Ellis has dedicated himself and The Mid-Rivers Equine Centre to educating caregivers and owners in the horse community, opening the doors of Mid-Rivers Equine Centre to help train other veterinarians and vet tech students on medical and surgical techniques, traveling to give lectures and spending that extra few minutes in an appointment to educate a client.

In late fall and early winter when Dr. Ellis isn’t performing rounds or surgeries, you are most likely to find him huddled in a duck blind with his dog and at least one of his three sons. Dr. Ellis’ enjoyment of duck hunting is almost as great as his passion for equine medicine.

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