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Robert Castellitto Wins Big at Palomino World

Congratulations go out to our client, Robert Castellitto and his partner, Jack (aka: Good Bar Tiger) on being crowned Reserve World Champion in Unassisted Showmanship. The pair represented Tree House of Greater St. Louis, formally known as “Therapeutic Horsemanship of Wentzville, MO.”

Last weekend, the pair competed in showmanship in a tough class of 13 at the Palomino World Show in Tunica, Mississippi. The pair also took 3rd out of 17 in Unassisted Walk Trot Trail, and 5th out of 15 in Unassisted Walk Trot Horsemanship. Way to go Robert and Jack!

A total of three horses and rider pairs from Tree House of Greater St. Louis traveled from Wentzville, MO to Tunica, Mississippi to compete:

•Robert Castellitto and Good Bar Tiger
•Megan Kehoe and Hesa Top Impressor
•Krosby March and Bronze Lame

Megan and Krosby’s rides were just as rewarding. They showed their way to Top 5 and Top 10 final placings. Both were awarded world show neck sashes for their accomplishments.

In total, the group competed in eight different classes and drove more than 700 miles round trip in less than 48 hours to compete. Included in the 700 mile caravan were parents, riders, handlers, trainers and of course the “horse show dogs”.

Congratulations to everyone at Tree House of Greater St. Louis on your well-deserved success.

If you would like to learn more about therapeutic riding programs, please visit www.thstl.org or ask our very own Dr. Mrad, who has been an active board member for many years.

July 22, 2014

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