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June 9 is 2012 International Helmet Awareness Day

Riders4Helments is a campaign launched by Lyndsey White and Jeri Bryant. They were inspired to launch this endevour after Olympic Dressage rider Courtney King-Dye suffered a serious head injury in March 2010. The campaign's motto is "Ride Smart and Strap One On....Everyones Doing It." In an effort to bring awareness to tramtic brain injuries they hold a Helment Awarness day each year.

June 9th is this year's Internation Helmet Awareness Day. In an effort to support the event retailers and manufactures of riding helments all over the world will be offering discounts on riding helments this day. Those currently participating in the event "include Samshield, Troxel, Charles Owen (United States and U.K.), GPA, Aegis (Devon-Aire), Pegasus, Tipperary, Ovation, IRH, One K, KEP Italia, Champion Hats, Gatehouse and LAS"

If you are interested in purchasing a helment on June 9th you can search a list of participating retailers on the Riders4Helmets website. Retailers interested in participating in this event can register until June 8th.

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May 27, 2012

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